Trade for Swift

Full PPR

Have Sanders, Mixon, Carson, Taylor, Duke

Adams, Kennan Allen, McLaurin, Jefferson.

Would you trade Mixon or Carson for Swift ROS?

Or was also offered the below trade

James Robinson and Allen Robinson


Mixon, Jefferson.

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I feel like I’d rather have Swift over Mixon atm. Not sure about Carson. I haven’t looked up any news but I recently just trades Carson + Jacobs + Davante Parker for CMC/Davis + Montgomery cause I thought rashaad penny was coming back…?

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Bump for any other thoughts. Trade deadline tonight.


Firstly, it is looking like Swift might not go this week due to a mysterious concussion. I think it was when he trucked that dude, but he was fine in game. Regardless, just know you might not have him this week.

I would move Mixon for Swift, that said. I really like Swift and I am not a Mixon fan. I would hold Carson as he’s been out so his value is likely lower than it should be, and when he returns I think he could help be a league winner.

In the other trade, that is tough. I like J Robinson quite a bit and JAX is using him really well, but I think his schedule turns murky for a bit from here out. A Rob for Mixon feels fair, and even in redraft I’m rolling Jefferson every week. Though, to be fair, I have all season long so that’s not news. I would see if you can maybe get A Rob for Mixon in that scenario.

Mixon for Swift I like.
Mixon for A Rob I like.

Given your roster, I think if you lose from one position to add to another it makes you a bit wobbly. I do not know your starting requirements, but Mixon for Swift does not hurt your lineup depth which is a big deal going into playoffs. Since JT has been a major dud thus far, I’d err on keeping RB depth. With that in mind, I really like both trades but Mixon for Swift is where I’d go.

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