Trade for the 1.02

I have mccaffery and someone is offering me the 1.02.

What are your thoughts on taking this trade. I am on the fence about it.

I would take it and then try spin it for more on the clock. I got DJ for the 1.02

Wow… I want to be in that league.

As for this trade, I think it’s fine. I really like both McCaffrey and Guice. I might hold off in PPR and would for sure take it in standard.

it is a PPR league that is why i kinda like a proven player in McCaffery

i did just have to fill an orphan team!!!

I was talking about the league where @Migouch99 got DJ for 1.02. That’s absurd.

Yea, I have not problem holding CMC in Full PPR.

I would hold, the panthers have as of yet drafted another RB so CMC should see an increase in touches.