Trade for the Bell cow

Should I trade McCaffery for Bell…or do u think I can get away with offering R. Freeman because we don’t know when he’s coming back…it’s a .5ppr

As a bell owner, the lowest I would go is CMAC for Bell if I was desperate in PPR

I was just mulling over what to offer the Bell owner in my league. He seems to be hurting a little at WR more than RB. Do you think Fitz + either Burkhead or Jamaal Williams for Bell would get it done? His WRs are A. J. Green, JuJu, Crabtree, Crowder and Josh Gordon. His other RBs are Kareem Hunt, Jordan Howard and Chris Carson.

I am a Bell owner and was considering this same trade and I am a CMC fan but its not enough to be honest. I might do it for Barkley but I dont think any less than him IMO

personally no, as a Bell owner I would want more…Fitz is fine but I would want a better RB