Trade for Thielen... Using a Rams WR

It’s a 0.25 ppr league and I own cooks and woods. Would you package one of them with Aaron Jones and try to get thielen? If so, which would you give up and which would you rather have going forward in a 12 keeper league? I’m leaning keeping cooks because they just paid him.

Thanks guys!

There’s no way the Thielen owner is giving him up for either of those guys plus Jones. Unless they only have Thielen as a stud and a 1-6/0-7 and need to desperately win they may take Cooks and Woods but Jones would be of no interest.

If i had an awful record and needed to win out and was lacking starters I’d (begrudgingly) trade Thielen for Woods and Cooks and try to make a run for the playoffs if i could. Mostly as they have week 12 bye weeks and combined could give me what Thielen does but you need a desperate owner.

Given Thielen’s likely draft price, i assume they have a few other solid players are doing okay or very well record wise so he likely wont be for sale unless you offer a stud up of your own

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I agree the Thielen owner isn’t budging for those guys. It’s gonna take a little more then Cooks and Jones. Who’s your other RB/WR aside from Woods. I would wanna keep 1 Rams WR

Woods and John brown? I’d rather keep cooks moving forward

If John Brown hadn’t had a quiet spell before this week then maybe but Thielen is the most consistent play at WR in the league right now. Unless you can give up a rock solid weekly WR starter, who’s getting top end WR2 production with flashes of WR1 potential or a lower end WR1 and maybe a mid level RB2 you wont be able to get Thielen.

Honestly AB was in a tier on his own at WR until this year, now Thielen has joined him in it. Doesn’t have the track record or name value but what would you give up for AB or on the flip what would you accept? that’s the ballpark here