Trade for Todd gurley?

This is the starting line up of the team I’m thinking about trading with. His bench includes…
Rb: d. Henry, c. Hyde, d. Johnson
Wr: d. Moncrief and t. Boys
Te: asj

My team is…
Rb: s. Barkley, j. Howard, m. Ingram, c. Clement, r. Burkhead, s. Michel
Wr: g. Tate, n. Agholor, k. Cole, a. Cooper, c. Davis, j. Brown

My thought was to maybe give Ingram and cooper for gurley. And I think that’s pretty low to trade for gurley. But my other thought is that if this guy falls to 0-3/0-4 he might be desperate enough to take the trade. my question is do I maybe need to give more and would you be tilting on this team if you were to fall to 0-3/0-4.

P.s. my initial plan is to hope he falls to 0-4 and really needs a boost right when Ingram comes back and that’s really when I’d try to trade

There’s no amount of tilt that will make some one trade Gurley for that small of a return

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This guy wouldn’t be 0-2/3 if he put Hyde into his flex over a wr lol

That trade is not gonna happen. You’d have to give more

You’re only option would be saquon and Ingram and even that I wouldn’t take if I was the Gurley owner…

If he’s tilting he’ll tilt over everyone except Gurley.

Yeah, this guy’s team is actually quite good and he has good trade bait to improve his WR situation, which might improve on its own anyway.

Yeah, you won’t get Todd Gurley from that guy. His team will pick up as the season goes on.