Trade for Top WR

Half Ppr 12 man league 1qb, 2rb, 2wr, 1te, 1flex

Adams and Hill are on a roster and Kupp and Deebo are on another
Both teams need RB help

1st team 4th place 6-4
Swift, singletary, Javonte, Hasty, Damien Williams
Adams, Hill, Marvin Jones, Fuller
Conklin, Fant

2nd team 1st place 9-1
Monty, D’onta Foreman,Pollard, AP, Drake, Sanders (IR)
Kupp, Deebo, Devonta Smith, Kirk,

My team 5th place 5-5
CMC, Kamara, Mixon, Patterson, CEH
Keenan, Diontae, Thielen, AB, Meyers

I like my team alot but I think having one of the top WR is obviously a better addition and I think I have the depth to try and make some offers.
(side note Im 2nd in points for and 1st in points against)

anyone got thoughts? Maybe something like Patterson/CEH and AB/Thielen for Deebo or Adams… Id consider moving Keenan in it too but would rather not. Any ideas are greatly appreciated, even if its telling me to hold

With regards to making a deal with team record 9-1:
You’re going to have to pay up for Deebo. I don’t think any combo of Patterson/CEH and AB/Thielen would make that happen. Not sure Patterson/CEH/AB/Thielen would get it done. I would look at Kamara and K Allen/D Johnson. That might get a deal done.

With regards to making a deal with team record 6-4:
Adams too will require the proverbial dump trucked backed up full of cash. You could try the Kamara and K Allen/D Johnson offer as well. I wonder if Hill might be an easier target with the recent KCC offensive woes. Maybe they are more willing to part with that player.


I think id rather part with Mixon over Kamara tbh and im in a position where if they turn it down im not hurting at any position. They currently are which is why im not putting up my top 2 rbs

That said I do tend to agree Deebo and Kupp are going to be really tough to get away from first place but the other team faces tough teams the rest of the way and im sure cant feel great starting singletary

Mixon and Thielen might be enough to get Adams I think but I also dont love giving that much but sometimes thats what it takes and I get that

I am just curious, why are you quick to give up Mixon?

Well Im not Im just more ready to give him over Kamara or CMC. Hes my rb3 right now and would be an rb1 for the other guys, better than monty and ehh pretty equal with swift imo

Having him in the flex is quite a nice thing so certainly not rushing him out the door.

Patterson has just been so good and I dont feel like Ill really play him ever now which is why im ready to move him

Def perfer Mixon ROS. His schedule is :yum:

Kamara has some bad match ups, which normally would not sway me. But he also has to play with either Trevor Siemian or Taysom Hill.

To clarify… this is not a sell low situation or get of my roster. You have to give something up to get a guy who could be the WR1 overall.

Totally get it Im a little biased from what Kamara did to me in the playoffs last year on christmas morning.

Ideally again id like to keep the 3 rbs and attempt to see if they are desperate enough for my lesser but still good players in a 2-1, start low and work up to the idea of moving one of those 2 in Kamara or Mixon.

You think losing either plus a theilen or AB helps my team with adams?

So i messaged him asking if he was open to it i didnt actually offer anything and he sent back
Adams and Javonte
for my CEH and Patterson. no wr back for him

I just accept this right before he over thinks it?
@recespieces31 your thoughts as well if you dont mind

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Alright color me surprised this deal got done but thats how you take advantage of people desperate for rbs

CEH, Patterson, Meyers
Adams, Javonte

Yes, I would have smashed that accept button.

Good job getting that trade done.