Trade for TY Hilton

Possible wr1 ros of season once back from his injury with the colts throwing so much. Worried about his hammy though. .5ppr

Was offered TY Hilton for my Marshawn Lynch

Other rbs are Gordon,Howard,Clemente, Ronald jones


I’m buying Hilton everywhere. I think Hilton for Lynch is a good deal.

Does cause you to lose depth at RB which you really don’t have much of at all. Clement is an RBBC and ROJO is a dart throw as of now.

Thanks @MikeMeUpp

Unfortunately my WRs are even worse with

Michael Thomas, cooper, keke, BMC, Keelan Cole.

Ah yes you are definitely lacking. If that’s the case, I would probably do the trade. Maybe try and offer Cooper for Aaron jones in a for 1 deal.

Sorry I’m blanking here, who is BMC?

Big mike williams

I’m in a similar situation. Somebody in my league offered TY for a RB in my league and I have Lynch alongside Michel, Mixon, A Jones, and Hines currently. I thought about offering Lynch for Hilton, but didn’t like my depth at rb without Lynch.

With your rb depth I would normally say no, but you need an upgrade at wr badly. I would trade lynch for TY in this situation.

BMC = Big Mike Williams? I have never heard of that one. Did ballers come up with it? What’s the C stand for lol. Feels like BMW would be more fitting…You tripped me up on that on bro.


Haha I totally meant to type BMW.