Trade for Tyreek Hill

1/2 PPR
Start: 3WR, 2RB, 1 Flex, 1TE …

I was just offered a trade:

I would trade Terry McLaurin, Justin Jefferson, and Jonnu Smith to acquire Tyreek HIll.

My current WRs are: A. Cooper, Keenan Allen, T. McLauren, C. Claypool, and J. Jefferson.
My current TEs are: George Kittle and Jonnu Smith

I would sill be able to start either D. Swift or claypool in my flex spot.

I know this may be a lot, but is it a no-brainer, since i have the depth to trade up to a better WR?

I think id need another player on top of Hill he hasnt been dominate and your giving solid value players

That is a good point.

He has Ruggs and Mike Williams on his bench, maybe i will counter to see if he would include Ruggs in the deal.

I personally would try to get Williams.

Herbert has been played lights out and Williams seems to have a connection with him.

I don’t really trust Carr or LV offense, even though I like me some Jacobs.

I would attempt McLaurin/Jefferson/Smith for Hill/Williams.

Or you could replace Jefferson with Claypool.