Trade for Waller or Jonnu?

I had some reach out asking about my Julio or DJ Moore. My biggest needs are at TE and QB and he just so happens to have both Waller and Jonnu. 0.5 PPR

Would you make any of those combinations in a straight up trade? (Julio for Waller, Julio for Jonny, DJ for Waller, DJ for Jonnu)

I also have Kupp, Hollywood, Chark, and Jefferson at WR so some depth there

Nahh. Waller will come around

Waller is above Jonnu, but not close Julio value for me. DJ Moore though for Waller would be a great trade from your point of view but doubtful you can get that deal done.

I really like Jonnu this season but Raiders look good so far and he’s the number 1 receiver with a full season and counting of top end TE1 production.

Only trade I’d do from those is D.J. Moore for Waller. Pass on the rest.