Trade for Waller?

12 team, 0.25 PPR, 2WR 2 RB 1W/R/T

WRs: Julio, Hill, McLaurin, DJax
RBs: Kamara, Jacobs, Ekeler, Hyde, Sanders, Lats Murray
TE: Delanie Walker

I was offered Waller for my Hyde and McLuarin. I would like to upgrade my TE but scared this leaves me too thin at WR with Hill and DJax both hurt. Hardman is on waivers so I can grab him to play until Hill comes back (if he’s not back this weekend), but I’m still scared I’ll be left too thin at WR. Thoughts? I’m 1-4 so I kind of need the points but I’m still unsure.

I would if there is a decent WR you could get off waivers

You’re getting the best player in the deal, I would do it. Who are they dropping to make room for the extra player? Do they have a WR3/4 they could throw in instead of them hitting the waivers?