Trade For Waller

Give up Gesiki and Chark to get Waller? Should I do it. I also have Lockett, Woods, DJ Moore, Marvin Jones, and Jerry Jeudy as WR

Definitely a te upgrade and you still have solid depth at wr too. You offering or get offered?

Got offerred. Thinking of picking up Hines to fill the gap.

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Hines would definitely be a good pickup if you can get him.

I like the trade, though worth looking into the devante Parker injury, Mike could be asked to do more if he misses extended time

I have Ebron as well. Which one would you hang on to? I think Waller would be an upgrade over either

Agree with that, Waller is an upgrade on both for me too.

No way I’m trading Chark for this cheap. He is the number 1 option and you are giving him up for a TE that is marginally better than Gesicki. The difference between Waller and Gesicki is maybe 3 points a game and that isn’t a big enough gap for me