Trade for Zeke smart?

Zeke is suspended but still has a chance of appeal. Worth a shot to trade just in case? Know an owner looking to move quickly

Bump for advice

I’d trade for him especially if you can keep him.

sure why not. He will be back for 2 weeks for Fantasy …if you can afford a spot why not!

what would you be giving up? My gut is that this one is going to stick. Jerry Jones already appointing Alfred Morris

As a Zek owner I hope it doesn’t stick but honestly the second circuit Court is the same one that ruled against Brady. You never know though cause they said the 5th circuit wouldn’t extend it and they did, even though it was for just two weeks.

It sounds from a ton of people that it’s extremely unlikely that they grant his appeal for an extended hearing.

If it doesn’t cost you that much and you are sitting in 1st or 2nd I’d go for it. He will be valuable for fantasy playoffs. But if you need to win now and you are giving up pieces that will help do that, I woudl say no.

Someone in my league traded for him a couple of weeks ago when he was “suspended” last time. When the suspension didn’t happen, he felt bad and traded him back because the deal was so lopsided with Zeke still playing.

I am 6-2 tied for first right now. Have Bell, McKinnon, Martin, Abdullah, Mixon as rbs. Baldwin, Hogan, D Thomas, C Davis as my wrs. Who should I offer? Abdullah?

Dak & Kirk are my qbs as well. This guy had rodgers and just started Dalton. Kirk for Zeke worth it?