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Trade for Zeke


In a 12 man 1pt PPR an owner offered me Zeke and AJ Green for Julio and Gurley.
I also have McFadden on my bench


NO! do not. if zeke plays week one …who cares! you have a RB1 handcuff when he does get sentenced. Julio and AJ are even swaps…your basically trading zeke for Gurley and would not do that till you find out what is happened with ZEKE. if there was no suspension looming this would be a NO BRAINER!


If I understand this correctly, the other owner has Zeke and is offering you a chance to have him on ur team because you have his handcuff.

Green and Julio are close to a wash imo, Julio better in both ppr and standard, but not by much. so this comes down to Zeke 4 Gurley. I would try and hold off till Friday if possible. If Zeke case gets pushed out till next year, then absolutely do the trade. If he has to serve the 6 week suspension this year, I would pass and ride the storm out w/ Gurley and McFadden.

Personally, I think the case gets put off till the offseason. At least hoping as I picked up Zeke in the 2nd round (had pick 2, will dominate if i can team him up with Bell)


Any chance you can list the rest of your team? This owner is just passing the risk to you since AJ and Julio are a wash and your essentially trading solid floor production for a presumed 16 weeks vs 10 weeks of a higher ceiling. If you have the roster to over come not having zeke for 6 weeks and still withstand victories this might set you up nicely for a playoff run…