Trade Fournette For AJ Green?

Standard league

My league mate offered me a trade: Green for Fournette. I am thinking of countering him with Martin/Green for Fournette. I am okay with keeping Fournette for the rest of season, but Green/Martin would definitely strengthen my team.

Current team:

QB: Smith
WR: A. Brown, L. Fitz, K. Benjamin, Garcon, Sanders, Sheapard, Amendola
RB: L. Fournette, C. Thompson, M. Gillislee

Notable mentions on opposing team: Green, Peterson, Thielen, Martin, Kittle, Mixon, K. Allen, R. Cobb, T. West

Keep Fournette man. He will keep producing and without him your RBs are weak.

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Iā€™d keep Fournette.

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Keep him shop out gill

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Thanks for the insight @jaguileraroh @howejt @IsaaMart23

That was my intuition going into this and this has confirmed it!