Trade Fournette for Bell?

I have M Gordon, Fournette and J Conner. Would you trade Fournette for Bell?

You start two RBs? Are you sure the person would give up Bell for an injured Fournette?

You could try to buy low on Fournette, I just got Fournette for Robert Woods so you could try something like that instead of giving up more than you should. Like a RB3 and WR4 for him

wtf… woods for fournette…what???


I was thinking the same thing hahaha that isn’t normal

Great deal.

I also got Bell for Marshanwn and Wood in another league, I guess people really like woods and must be getting him mixed up with Cooks

The deal is now Fournette and Yeldon for Bell and Hogan. I would then have Gordon, Bell and Conner. It’s a 12 team non-PPR league.