Trade Fournette for McCoy? Playoff Bound

Should I trade my Fournette for McCoy (plus Crabtree)? I have Hunt, Bell, Fournette, Montgomery, Michael Thomas, and Thielen. I’m tied for first at 7-2 and I’m kind of nervous about Fournette’s week 14 matchup vs Seattle. However, top two teams get a bye in week 14, but I don’t really want to bank on that.

You have 3 of the top 5 backs I wouldn’t trade them off you have the title in your hands :joy:

I think you are okay with your current squad. Even if you don’t get a bye, you have Lev Bell and Hunt you can start ahead of Fournette. And I honestly am not all that afraid of starting Fournette against the Seahawks. The dude is a beast who gets 20+ carries a game. He can for sure wear down that front seven and bust a long run late in the game and he is clearly the go to back on the goal line. Shady does have nice playoff matchups and is involved in the passing game which helps in a PPR league. This trade basically comes down to which RB you like better. I don’t think you could go wrong. Good luck.

McCoy can be a top 5 back too, and has a sweet schedule the rest of the season! I like Fournette more, just from a volume standpoint and the fact that he gets the goal line carries and doesn’t risk being vultured by the quarterback and/or backup RB in Mike Tolbert.

Appreciate it! Three weeks ago I traded a package deal that included McKinnon, Benjamin, and Parker for Fournette and Kupp, but I haven’t been able to use Fournette yet… Hopefully it pays off. McKinnon has been solid since then too -_-