Trade Fournette for Wtkins and Aaron Jones?

I’m 2-6 and in desperation mode and having Fournette on my bench/IR isn’t helping. Thoughts?

He also has Chubb

Assuming you would have to win out? Can you sneak in with 6 W’s? I would probably hold onto Fournette. Are you getting beat down or barely losing? If the later get Chubb.

Yeah I’ve been getting beat pretty bad. Most points against in the league lol. Honestly I still have a realistic shot to make the playoffs believe it or not. Top 3 teams in each division advance and right now I’m tied for 3rd with 2 others (one of which I’m playing this week).

So you’d rather Chubb over Jones? I was leaning towards Jones. Also, just got another trade: Fournette for Larry, Crowell and Barber.

Fitz, Barber and Crowell is a terrible offer

Yeah I wasn’t going to take it. Just throwing it out there.

I have jones and started him last week which won me my matchup, I believe is way better than chubb so go for jones. Not as big of a fan or Sammy Watkins I think he will put up good numbers every 3/4 games

Jones is better than Chubb and with the Montgomery trade he is going to blow up. I don’t hate the Jones Watkins trade, I would see if he has Sutton or another wr prospect.

His other WRs are J Jones, Diggs, Kupp and Cobb.

I tried for Kupp but he wasn’t having it.

I have been trying to get Fornette in my Dynasty and I am close with Landry and Freeman. At the end of the day you are going to be selling low for Fornette who is playing the Dolphins in week sixteen. If I was you I would tell him Jones and Cupp or nothing.