Trade Fournette & M. Thomas

What do you guys think about trading away Michael Thomas + Duke to get Fournette? The Fournette owner has Hopkins and he is obviously hit or miss without Watson. The other option is to trade AJ Green (tough remaining schedule) + Duke (or Doug Martin) to get Fournette and Hopkins in return, that way taking Hopkins at WR2 value and not his historical value?

I have Antonio Brown, AJ Green, Michael Thomas (Sterling Shepard, Watkins, Maclin, Crowder on WW along with some other upside WR3s) at WR, Devonte Freeman, Doug, Duke, Powell at RB

I say the second trade. Green and Duke for Fournette and Hopkins would be a steal for you. If the other owner takes it you are loaded

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I would advise keeping Martin if possible. I believe he’s a top 10 back ros

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IS this a PPR league? Thomas has more value in PPR.

But with Brown and Green, I’d say you can afford to lose Thomas in order to get some RB depth. So yes I would do that if I were you.

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half point per reception.

Second trade 100%

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Still make the trade if its Doug Martin + AJG for Fournette + Hopkins?