Trade Fournette/yeldon for Ingram/Drake

Im Fournette owner. Standard.

I think this is team dependent. If you are really hurting at running back and badly need the depth (aka you only have 1 starting caliber back) I will take Ingram Drake side. Fournette side I would take if I only need 1 back added, and I have some depth.

Thanks for the reply. I have melvin gordon and cmc. I just traded mccoy as part of a deal for Mike Evans. My only other RB is Royce Freeman

Any other thoughts? Fournette is 50-50 to play this week.

Who in the HELL would want MCCOY for MOEK FREAKING EVANS? Lol. That isn’t even fair. You won’t that trade big time.

I traded will Fuller, arob and mccoy. I figured fuller will be injured soon, arob is stuck with trubitsky and shady is in a bad situation. The other 2 players in the deal were trash.

Ok, that makes way more sense now @frymire73. Good trade imo.