Trade fournette?

Dion Lewis and Zach Ertz for Leonard fournette in standard. I’m giving away fournette do I take it?

Without knowing anything else, a strong maybe.

Fournette’s injury could be an issue season long, so I would definitely try to get some value from him now before anything else happens. It would be great to get a bit better of an RB in return, if you can.

depending on your TE now and who your other RB’s are but I would seriously consider it. Im in the same boat, I have fournette now but thinking of moving him. Although you might be able to try for a stronger RB than Lewis

Could you help with mine, please.

That’s a tough one for defense I do still think the Saints have a better defense but also the jets defense was great week 1 and have a better matchup. I think both defenses have about the same risk but I would slightly lean jets