Trade Freeman for Howard?

Would you do it?

Nope Benjamin and Dede are both on waivers everywhere

Whoops donta lol

I don’t know which side of the deal you’re on but it’s highly unlikely the Howard guy takes that. Freeman is already hurt and with his injury history, he’s probably going to be a roster liability for half the season. Howard, on the other hand, looks real good so far. He’s catching passes now in addition to his established focal-point in the offense with a young QB. Chicago’s defense will keep scores close enough to keep game scripts favorable to Howard for 4 quarters. Can’t say the same for the Falcons and Freeman. If I have Howard, this trade offer is a hard NO.

ACCEPT. you dont want the headache of freeman splitting touches even with coleman after this injury

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that is if you are trading him away and getting Howard

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in fact the trade comes down to freeman and howard!
the rest is waiver wire material!

i would do that everyday!