TRADE Freeman / Fournette

Hy Footclan, I have a Tradeoffer. I would get Fournette and give away Freeman.
I am thinking about doing it because i have a ByeWeek problem next week and i think fournette is more the clear Nr 1 guy in the backfield and Freeman has to share with Coleman…

Any thoughts?

All the best from Austria

2nd Offer… I would get DeMarco Murray for K Allen.
my WR: Hopkins, M Thomas, Ty Hill,
my RB. Freeman, Anderson, Kelley, Smallwood, Gillislie

10 Team, Standard Scoring

I would say Freeman and Fournette are very comparable and if it helps you out of a Bye week problem i’d probably do it. As a Murray owner I would not do the 2nd trade. Murray’s only had 1 good fantasy week the rest have been very underwhelming.

I would do fournette for freeman but not Murray for Allen.

Thanks a lot guys, unforunately the Fournette owner just saw the byweek for freeman this week and he ist not willing to do the trade.

I think you dodged a bullet there. I like Fournette, but Freeman is part of a more successful offense, whereas you don’t know if Fournette is going to be used correctly (even though he has been used so far).

I keep thinking about that Murray / Allen Trade… I still think Murray is an Elite RB an Allen is better in PPR Leagues.
In the draft Murray was an First Round Pick an I got Allen in the 5th round…