Trade freeman?

Guy wants to trade me Jordan Howard and Adam thielen for devonta freeman. I am in desperate need of wr. I have Michael Thomas and then a Bunch of flex options: decker, tyrell Williams, crowder.
What should I do?

Who are your other RBs? You should be able to get more than that for Freeman

Mccafrey and west

I probably wouldn’t do it myself but I don’t think you would be getting killed by any means. You would obviously be downgrading at RB but Howard is still really good and Thielen would be an upgrade over the other WRs you listed excluding Thomas. I’m a big believer in Freeman’s talent and there aren’t many elite RBs so I would want to keep him but I can see how that trade might help your team.

You can get a better value around the league… shop freeman around see if you can get anything better, you are very lacking at WR and will most likely have to trade freeman if you want to improve in that spot

I should mention also that i am 0-3

Definitely dont get discourages for 0-3 since i have seen people come back from that myself. I would shop around for a top end WR for Freeman. Maybe even package Freeman and Crowder for a WR1 and WR2 combo. Get some better WRs under your belt.

Another thing what does your RB depth look like?

No way. Freeman is a legit stud.

Siemian (streaming)
D freeman
C mccaffrey
T west
M Thomas
E decker
T Williams
B Watson

J crowder
J reed
R burkhead
A luck
R Higgins
J Richard

I’m not too discouraged on the 0-3… well I am, but I know I can make a come back.