Trade Full PPR: James White and Robert Woods for Coutee and Duke Johnson

Full PPR league I got offered Duke Johnson and Coutee for White and Woods.

I think Duke Johnson will get so much work regardless of his production, and he is a three down back due to his pass catching ability. But, the price seems steep, that’s why I am hesitant to accept the trade.

I don’t think this is a deal you want to make. Woods is way more valuable than Coutee, and I think White and Duke are pretty comparable.

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For me it’s a no. I think a trade involving woods needs to get you more back than Duke Johnson and Keke Coutee and then throwing in James White on top has me at absolutely not.


What if I gave up Breida and Crowder?

Breida and Crowder is a much more reasonable trade, in fact you are probably winning that deal if it would be accepted. Still, it might be nice to keep your backfield varied since White and Johnson would do similar things for you. However I would still probably accept a trade getting Keke and Duke for Breida and Crowder…though I bet your potential trade partner won’t accept this.

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That makes sense, but I am just trying to get the deal done, but he becomes too expensive.