Trade full PPR please help?

His OBJ, P. Garcon for my T. Hill 5 player keeper. 10 Team league. Full PPR. We have an IR spot. I like the idea but Hill has been outstanding this year.

I wouldn’t do it. Garcon won’t help you this year. And Beckham is in a wierd situation with his contract, look it up. I live in NY and listen to sports radio a couple times a week. After he got hurt they were talking about his contract more than anything else. He might holdout, the coaching staff will most likely change, he’s not the only show in town anymore (Engram), they will address the line and the running game, potentially taking more targets if they can run.

Hill is what he is. It will take alot to knock him out of his situation.

There has been talk about even trading Manning at some point too, maybe even the offseason. Even his QB might change.