Trade Fuller for AJ Brown PPR

Would you trade one of DeVante Parker, Will Fuller V in a combination with one of Mark Ingram II, Devin Singletary for AJ Brown?

My Current Roster
QB - Lamar
RB - Jacobs, Mixon, Gibson, Singletary, Ingram II
WR - Woods, Parker, Fuller V, Ju. Jefferson, Deebo, Claypool
TE - Jonnu, Engram

Mulling either:

  • Parker
  • Singletary/Ingram II


  • AJ Brown


  • Fuller V
  • Singletary/Ingram II


  • AJ Brown

Id say absolutely make that trade with Ingram if you can pull it off. less a fan of the trade with singletary, but I’d probably still say yes


agree with last comment. if you can flip Ingram for that, absolutely. Singletary too. Either way you still have 4 startable RBs and you’re upgrading your WR2.

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