Trade Fuller or hold?

Obviously we all know fuller is putting up mad numbers. 13 for 22 and 7 td’s.

yall keeping or trading fuller right now? if youre trading, what kind of value you seeing out of him?

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I was going to trade him while his value is so high but I was talked out of it and he’s why.

Texans offense is very very hot right now. You want to have a part of that offense.

Fuller and Watson just seem to connect very well especially in the RZ. With defenses focused on Hopkins it leaves Fuller with weak coverage.

The only thing holding Fuller back from being a WR1 imo is his target share. It needs to increase. If he doesn’t get you TD’s you could be looking at 3 catches for 30-50 yards type games…

With Houston playing in Indy I would expect a big game from that offense and Fuller should be apart of it.


Im curious what value people are getting too but I think I still want to keep him rostered. since hopkins is the #1 I can see fuller exploiting the weeker matchups he sees

great points fellas, i for sure agree with it all. hot offense, gotta stay close to the flames. and if defenses keep keying on hopkins, then fuller is the clear number 2 who also has that deep threat too.

remainder of season has some tough defenses, not all of them, but a handful for sure. after this weekend against seahawks, is he becoming a must start every week?

indy , @lar, ari, @bal, @ten, sf, @jax, pit

100% without a doubt a must start until proven otherwise.

His game in Seattle proved you must start him. Now wait untill he proves you wrong

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word. great waiver scoop. wish i had gotten him in my other leagues. helping push me for playoffs in this league and in a hard tilt towards no playoffs in the other two.

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I been starting him since he came back thankfully. I have a feeling this Indy game they might slow down. That seattle game was just insane. I think fuller is great, but what is the value I can get from him in standard league? I feel like borderline WR1 like a Tyreek Hill maybe?