Trade Gallup for Dobbins?

It’s a half point league

In a redraft league I like Gallup more, but it depends on your RB situation.

Dobbins is very talented, but we are gonna see games where he doesnt ball out. It’s a result of the system they run in Baltimore. Some weeks Ingram will be the guy and sometimes Dobbins.

Same could almost be said about Gallup as he has only had one WOW game this year. There are alot of mouths to feed in Dallas. Gallup has a track record of being able to produce big fantasy numbers as a #2 option in that offense.
Hope this helps some

This makes a lot of sense. When it comes to Dobbins I feel like he could break out and be a start later on but he could also be like Justice hill last year. I’m trying to trade Gallup for Mixon instead