Trade - Gibson, Samuel and Hockenson for Mixon, Fant and James Conner

So just some context here, i currently have Kupp, Deebo, Jefferson, Mike Williams and Pittman as my receivers but i only have Gibson and Henry as my RB’s with Perine and Moss as back ups. I am currently in first place and have outscored the league by about 1125/150 points but i am really worried about Gibson. If he goes down, i am worried about being screwed and wasting this elite roster that i feel like comes around once every couple of years in fantasy. So do i take the trade and sure up my roster but get rid of my TE and Samuel. Or should i just roll with what i got. I have offered about 50 other trades to get an RB2/rb3 with crazy offers like Jefferson for Cordarelle Patterson and nobody will take it. So there is also that. If Gibson gets benched because of his shin injury and WFT sucking then i am unlikely going to get anyone else in the trade market.

I feel like this is a “if it’s not broke, why fix it”, but that does sound like a very tasty trade in your favor.