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Trade Gillislee for ARod


Is it worth trading Gillislee for Aaron Rodgers?

My current team is:
QB: Big Ben, Luck
RB: Ajayi, Hyde, Gillislee, D Martin, D Henry
WR: M Thomas, E. Sanders, J Brown, C Davis, Hogan
TE: Eifert, Clay

I would then hopefully be able to trade away Big Ben and Luck which would free up bench spots for a few RB flyers.


Do it right away if the other guy is stupid enough


Yes! If you can get the best QB in the league and all you have to give up is a RB that will be completely unpredictable the rest of the season, do it. You will be able to build depth and maybe get a mid level RB if you offer Ben Roth. Do it now before the trade offer is withdrawn


yes… like now




No way the Aaron Rodgers owner accepts that. If he does he should be kicked out of the league