Trade Gillislee for Demarcco Murray?

I already have Hunt and shady as my starting two with mixon and gillislee on my bench. I’m looking for potential buy low opportunity on Murray but don’t know if I should be cautious trying to obtain him. Thoughts?

hell ye do it. murray is their guy. he has a hammy he is dealing with, but you can wait that out with shady and hunt. gilly isnt going to score a TD every single game. so let someone buy WAY too high on him. because when he is in, murray is locked in for 60% of the work. every single week. gilly is only locked in if the game script says so.

I don’t have a lot of faith in Murray but the upside you get from him if he comes back and is a healthy lock for his old workload the upside destroys anything Gillislee could hope for barring injuries… I wouldn’t pay much for him but the other guy is right… Gillislee will live and die by the TD