Trade: Godwin/Carson for

… Ok, guy really, really wants Godwin, figure I’d package Carson with him too. Here’s his lineup – what can I reasonably ask for and have this be a good deal for me? If anything? Or am I better off keeping Godwin/Carson?

RB: Saquon, Kamara, Josh Jacobs, Singletary, Hunt (also Guice on IR)
WR: Hilton, Juju, Corey Davis, Ridley, Hardman
TE: Rudolph, Andrews

I already have Cook, Gore and Mattison at RB (besides Carson) and Julio, McLaurin, Mike Williams, C. Samuel and Olabisi Johnson at WR (other than Godwin).

League is 12-team full PPR, I am 6-1 and tied for 1st. Is there no good or fair return here for me for Godwin/Carson? Are the recent injuries to Saquon and Kamara enough to not bother? Thanks in advance.

See if you can possibly nab Saquon and Kamara dude, that’s the only improvement I see. If he’s that desparate, start high. You’ve got the WR depth with Julio and McLauren. Then you’ve got 3 ridiculous RBs, and 2 good WRs. I wouldn’t settle for less.

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Guessing you don’t think their injuries are a big concern?

He’d probably try to talk me down to maybe Kamara and Hilton, or even Kamara and either Juju or Ridley.

Id shot for saquon and Hilton. If he’s wanting to deal. Top wr for a lower wr1. Then a top 5 rb for a low end rb2

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Hilton/Juju aren’t as reliable imo, and have limited ceilings. Kamara and Saquon can absolutely dominate. And no, I think they’re fine. Kamara might not be back till after the bye, but then he’s great. But I wouldn’t go for less. Carson and Godwin are really good, and you’re not desparate for wins, so unless you’re getting 2 elites back, don’t sell.

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Sure would solve my flex problems for the rest of the year. lol