Trade Godwin for David Johnson/Cooks

Should I make this trade with DJ’s back injury and Cooks concussion?

Yes if you’re giving godwin imo

I would not give up Godwin, he’s been a monster and that doesn’t look to be changing.

@JonathanD @eric_may
Thanks for the input. I made the trade, even with the injuries. I wouldn’t give up Godwin without a backup plan so I flipped Freeman/Landry for Tyreek at the same time as this trade. For my .5 PPR league, it was a good trade IMO. Godwin is probably due for some regression too, so I sold high.

Barring any injury, this leaves me with Murray, Saquon, DJ, Carson, Tyreek, Golladay, and Kelce as my starters and basically locked me as the top team for now. All about the wins right now to make the playoffs.

Well this is the fun part about fantasy, we get to see how it all turns out :slight_smile: Good luck!

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