Trade Godwin for David Johnson/Cooks?

Should I make this trade with both DJ’s back injury and Cooks concussion?

It’s .5 PPR by the way. If it helps, here’s my lineup:

QB: Murray
RB: Saquon, Carson, Freeman, Penny, Mattison, Darrel Williams
WR: Godwin, Golladay, Landry, Pettis, Auden Tate
TE: Kelce, Herndon

What’s your record

Iwouldnt do it
You got good RB depth already. Your trading away your best receiver

I’m 3-2, but I got some tough opponents ahead. I could easily turn freeman over for a WR3 or Carson for Tyreek.

I ended up making the trade then flipping Freeman/Landry for Tyreek. I think it pays off

I would have kept Godwin. But good luck on the trade

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