Trade Godwin for Gordon


Trade Godwin for Gordon?

Have Godwin, Cooks, Ridley, Shep and Hollywood

Zeke,Conner, M Sanders, R Freeman, Samuels.

Melvin Gordon, yes. Josh Gordon a BIG NO!

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Sorry yes Melvin.

Might leave me a bit thin at WR .

Yes I’m assuming you’re in a 2 WR league. If you’re in a 3 WR leagues I don’t think you can afford it & need to keep Godwin.

Just 2 WR.

Cooks is not helping tonight !!

Maybe they punish Gordon and do 50/50 with Eckler.

Might be thin at WR if Cooks is out.

Or just go for it ?

Any feedback- Appreciate it.

Godwin is looking like a Wr1 right now and without him your WRs look a little underwhelming, can you get a package deal with a solid wr in return as well?

Guy is pretty stingy as he wanted to give Mack for Godwin so was going to counter Gordon.

He does not have too much other than DJAX which he may not do a 2 for 1 with.

That’s a tough one, are there any teams with rbs you can target maybe get a better return on Godwin, cuz you might be left hurting at wr without him

I will take a look. Thanks