Trade Godwin for M Gordon

I would trade Godwin for Melvin.

Fair ?

Gordon side much better. Finding a ppr stud like Gordon is not easy to get.

It is standard but he offered me Mack for Godwin so was going to ask for Gordon.

Or is Mack for Godwin fair.

Would leave me with Cooks,Shepard , Ridley and Hollywood.

Have Zeke and Conner.

I want no part of mack. Keep godwin

OK will go back to him and ask for Gordon.

i was also offered godwin for gordon. did you accept the trade?

Hi I was the one that was going to send it but never did and sticking with Godwin.

I have Conner and was looking at trading before but now he seems better with Samuels out so hanging tight for now.

Depends on your situation but good luck.

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