Trade Golden Tate for Kenyan Drake?

Standard 12 team (limited keeper - keep 2)
Current RBs: DJ (ugh), D Lewis, T Coleman, T Cohen
Current WRs: Thielen (kept), Landry, Tate, Baldwin (ugh), K Cole

Thoughts? Once Freeman comes back it’ll be a sad state of affairs for my RBs

Hmm I would actually do that trade. I love Kenyan drake this year and recently traded for him. The dolphins are better than expected and if drake becomes a huge part of that he can be a very good fantasy asset. Also you need help at rb seeing DJ hasn’t performed.

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Would you rather keep Landry or Tate? I figured Landry since there are more mouths to feed in Detroit, but Tate is still pretty consistent…

Lions cannot run the ball and doesnt even look like they care to try to, I love Landry this year but after two games Id rather have Tate. I think he has the most secure roll in that offense and has gotten 15,13 targets the first two games which due to no running the ball seems to be sustainable, and if 15 is the max i feel his floor on targets i about 8-10.

So yea Id rather keep Tate.

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I hear that. It’s still early… Kind of a coinflip between Landry/Tate but perhaps I’ll have to evaluate the schedules to make the call…

Anyone else have any wisdom?

Either of those two for Drake seems fair. I don’t think anyone gets the better of that deal. Just depends on what you need more.

Wow your RBs are very similar to mine!

My team
RBs: DJ, D Lewis, T Coleman, K Drake, M Lynch
WRs: Adams, Thielen, Kupp, Ginn, Edelman

So far I have Drake as my flex and he has performed for me quite well for the season. I personally would keep Landry (even though he’s injured right now), because I see more potential for long-term production from him as opposed to Tate. So I would drop Tate and pick up Drake…