Trade Golladay and Lewis for Funchess?

Its a half ppr league

My other wrs are Golladay, Baldwin, Sanders, Crabtree, Tyrell Williams,

Other rbs are Connor, Bell, Lewis, Thompson, Peyton Barber, Buck Allen.

My tes are Ertz and McDonald

We start 3 wrs, 2 rbs, 2 flex

I like Golladay over Funchess… so it’s a no from me dawg.

As a funchess owner,
you are buying really high on funchess.

Golladay ROS is gunna be better esecially if Olsen stays on the field

Keep Galladay. Trade away Ertz for some better RB or WR talent.

Funchess coming off a good week but I would prefer to have golladay and Lewis.

Detroit is becoming more run oriented with the emergence of Kerryon. Something to watch.