Trade good or bad?

Started convo with David Johnson owner about trade after I heard of Mike McCoy firing. He said he would trade me David Johnson and Gronk for my Big Ben and Antonio Brown. I need RB’s…currently have McCaffrey, LeSean McCoy, Breida, Lynch (about to go on IR I hear), Ito, and Kenyan Drake (prob need to drop him at some point, but still hanging on). I have Jordan Reed and Evan Engram and don’t necessarily need a TE, but he doesn’t have much else that he could trade me. Thoughts? Go for it with the hope that Johnson will get better (despite his awful o-line) with a new OC?

He also has Andy Dalton and Amari Cooper. Could either of those be a better option instead of Gronk??

Doesn’t sound to me like you need DJ at all actually. Also, Gronk is hurt and you have 2 top 10 TE’s already. Given Gronk is allegedly going to return next week, but it’s not the most encouraging sign ROS. I wouldn’t do this trade.

Ok thanks for the reply!