Trade Goodwin for Lynch

Trade in a 12 team .5 PPR dynasty league.

I give up Goodwin and i get Lynch.

I have Zeke, Howard, Morris, Lat Murr Edmonds.

WR: Green, Cook, Goodwin, Hogan, Hilton, Cobb, Westbrook, DJ Moore

I would say NO, but it all depends on how Jimmy G plays. In PPR I do not think Lynch is MORE valuble then Goodwin especially in a .5 PPR or PPR league.

Would any of my WR be good enough for Lynch.

I would say try: Westbrook/Cobb, even hogan because he will lose vaule once edlman comes back

I would always be in favor of a straight up trade where you give up the WR and get the RB. Running backs are just so much more valuable than receivers, and are you gonna start Goodwin over Hilton or Green? At least if Howard bombs or one of your other running backs get hurt you have a starting running back on a team that should be pretty good.

I think Goodwin for lunch is perfectly fine.

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I concur.

Starting RB’s don’t grow on trees, period. I would also rather start Hilton and Green over Goodwin every day of the week.

Your RB core falls off of a cliff after Zeke and Howard, i’d definitely stack your RB depth.

Not to mention cooks and Hogan can be serviceable flex’s if you dont put lunch there. You can scoop receivers off waivers every week. But you rarely get a shot at a solid running back, let alone a starter.

I would try for giving up a bit of a lesser wr first and then build your way up only if you need to, to give up Goodwin. I would try a combination of Moore and Cobb, Or Westbrook and Cobb, or just Cobb straight up, then Hogan, then Goodwin.