Trade Goodwin For R. Wilson

PPR league with 6 pts per TD pass. Start 3 WR and flex. My team:
QB: Stafford
WR: Hopkins, JuJu, J. Brown, Goodwin, Edelman, Dorsett
Do I accept this or roll with Stafford?

I wouldn’t your wr’s aren’t the strongest with the exception of Hopkins. And if the lions stay bad all year they’ll be playing from behind alot which opens up the pass. And Stafford over the last 6 years has been a top 12 qb 5 out of the 6yrs.

Take it. You’re laughing when Edelman is back. I have a feeling the Lions are going to bomb their games until Patricia lays off them in practice.

Thanks for the advice. I do have good RB depth so the flex position really doesn’t factor much into my decision.
Anyone else got advice? I’m leaning towards accepting.