Trade Gordon for Ertz? #1 Waiver? HUGE Decisions to make tonight. HELP!

10 team PPR league. I am 3-3.

OK. So. My roster context is probably going to be important here, because I have a lot of moving pieces. I have the #1 waiver, which I’ve been holding onto for most of the season, and I plan on using tonight. Doug Baldwin was dropped last week, so he could be a choice. Marlon Mack and Ito Smith are also options, and my team has a weakness in RBs, so those guys could help. Baldwin probably would hold the most trade value though. I could put in multiple waivers, but I doubt any of these three get through to the second round.

Meanwhile, I will have an offer to trade away my Josh Gordon and Trey Burton for Zach Ertz. This is intriguing, except for the fact that Gordon is literally my only receiver who will be playing this week. I could pick up the Christian Kirks and Taylor Gabriels of the world, but not sure that will take, or if its an appealing option.

I could also just plan to make my waiver move, whatever it is, and also try to dump Burton for either Hooper or OJ Howard. I don’t know how I feel about this but there’s just… a lot. Ha. Anyway, would really appreciate any and all feedback. Thanks so much!

This is my current team:

QB: Mahomes
RB: Sony Michel
RB: Breida
WR: Juju
WR: Davante
TE: Burton
W/R/T: Josh Gordon
DEF: Houston
K: Tucker
BN: Goff
BN: Allison
BN: Fournette
BN: Latavius Murray
BN: RoJo (planning on Dropping)
BN: Morris (planning on dropping)

I will help you in return if you can give some advice for this bad boy

I would make that trade and replace him with an WR on the waiver wire. Pick up someone like M goodwin from the 49ers if he is there. He has been dropped in a bunch of my leagues and he looked good monday night. I think Ertz is TE 1 or 2 and has been consistent. Burton has been saved some weeks by a TD and I am not sure when to start Gordon.

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Pretty sure Gordon is an every week starter as long as he’s healthy with the Patriots. Extremely heavy usage this week

I’d take the trade as well, Ertz is one of the few TEs who can elevate a team, but you’d have to accept the risk that Gordon could be a monster come playoff time. It’s the known of Ertz vs the unknown of Gordon

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I agree. One thing with Gordon is the unknown and the Pats are known for spreading the ball around. Ertz could elevate your team. Use the waiver wire to get passed this week and I think your team is stronger after the trade.