Trade Gordon for Gurley?

Should I accept a trade for Gurley in full PPR league? I feel like Gordon is safer with the injury concerns but Gurley is Gurley lol…any thoughts? Thanks!

I’d ask for Gurley +, and make sure you have a trade in place for Henderson before you do it.

I got Gurley and a 2020 1st for David Johnson.

Yea already talking with the Henderson owner and offered Gordon for Gurley +Jeffrey and owner accepted

I get why there’s a bunch of Henderson hype… but before you go emergency-dumping a bunch of capital into acquiring Henderson… keep in mind that Malcolm Brown is RB#2 on the Rams depth chart until he’s not…

Also… prepare your mind to be blown when the Gurley knee thing isn’t an actual problem and has been overblown by the media for an entire playoffs/offseason

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Gurley sat out the biggest games of his career, how is that NOT a problem? now we hear he has arthritis. how is that overblown? rams trade up a bunch of spots to nab henderson, possibly the best RB in the draft. thats not a coincidence. Gurley was on a bicycle in the superbowl. there most definitely is something to it. if you can get him in the middle rounds, then maybe he’s worth a look. 1st/2nd round? no way.