Trade Gordon for Hunt?

I was offered Kareem Hunt for Melvin Gordon straight up. Both have similar strength of schedule for the rest of the season/playoffs but Hunt has a week 12 bye. I think Hunt has a higher ceiling but that bye week scares me.

I have Gordon if that wasn’t clear

team is 5-4
Other RBs:
Dalvin Cook
Matt Breida
Alex Collins
Chris Thompson
Elijah McGuire

If you are going to make it to the playoffs even by losing with hunt on the bye week
I would just keep him. I like him ros on a higher powered offense. Also Gordon has injury history

It would be close, I’m currently sitting in the 5th spot. I think I can sneak in without Hunt in week 12 but it would be close

I wouldn’t. Maybe I’m biased being a Gordon owner but in .5PPR he’s been averaging 23.8 points per game if you account for his bye week and the week he sat out to nurse the injury while Hunt has average 20.9

Here are their remaining schedules ranked against the run

Gordon = 24, 19, 21, 2, 28, 32, 3 (Average rank of 18.4)
Hunt = 21, 14, BYE, 24, 3, 17, 11 (Average rank of 15)

Based on that, Gordon wins on how he’s done up this point and wins out in remaining schedule (Although it’s close enough it’s basically negligible) That being said you don’t upgrade the position by trading Gordon for Hunt but you do miss out on a week due to the bye so I don’t see it as being a great idea.

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Seriously, thanks for your input. Very detailed and thought out. I appreciate the advise and I will follow it. Thats what I was thinking but just wanted to ask the other fantasy buffs out there

You need every win you can get at this part of the season and losing Hunt to a bye week when you would have coverage with Gordon doesn’t make sense. It’s a sideways trade which I generally avoid… unless It’s to tafe away a player with a bye week for one that has had their bye… like your opponent has offered.

Avoid this. I’m really not a fan of lateral trades, and I wouldn’t be surprised if this person is offering this trade strictly because of the Bye to come. Melvin proved he’s fine last week. If anything, I’d counter with Cook and a possible WR.

I agree with @ben_jamin627 . No point in doing a lateral trade, plus Hunt has a bye week 12. Keep rolling with Gordon. Try to get Ekeler from owner if you can.