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Trade: Gore + Crowder for DeVante Parker?


What do you guys think?


who else are you rostering?


I’m the one who would offer the trade. I’m standard league 8 team and feel great about my RBs but feel like I need to strengthen my WR potential. I like the upside of DeVante Parker, and am looking to dump one of my RBs in order to upgrade my WR.

QB: Mariota, Luck
RB: David Johnson, Devonta Freeman, Kareem Hunt, Doug Martin, Frank Gore
WR: Demarius Thomas, Tyreek Hill, S. Diggs, Jamison Crowder, Larry Fitzgerald
TE: Gronk
DST: Steelers


absolutely do it, theres no way you are ever going to play gore or crowder with the other options you have. if he takes that trade you are going to be stacked. tbh you could even be out shopping hunt for an elite wr (brown/julio) i know it sounds crazy but people are crazy high on him after last nights game.


Thanks. I’m going to announce that Hunt is available and see what offers I get.

I agree. I think if he takes this trade I’m in good shape (not GREAT shape) in WR.