Trade Grade (Dynasty) - Julio/Gesicki ... Lamb/Engram

10-team league, half-PPR

I traded: Lamb/Engram

I received: Julio/Gesicki

My other TE are Ertz, Goedert, OJ Howard, Irv Smith, Thaddeus Moss

My other WR are Tyreek, Amari, A-Rob, HOLLYWOOOOOOD (@JasonFFL voice), Preston Williams, N’Keal, Mims, Pettis, Keke

I also have Super Kamario (without going through my full roster). I believe I have a team in a great “win now” window and shipped out some future upside, as well as risk (Engram), for the elite production of Julio and the upside of Gesicki. It hurt to trade Lamb, but getting Julio felt SO good.

Thoughts? Grade? Would you have done this trade?? Thanks!

I prefer Julio/Gesicki side. Good trade IMO.

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This is not a good trade for you unless you’re vying for a championship and this pushes you to be the heavy favorite.

Lamb is more valuable than Julio as dynasty asset, and Engram is worth more than Gesicki as a dynasty asset.

Julio’s getting up there in years, who knows how many years he has left as a big bodied alpha WR. Lamb could end up being the WR1 for the cowboys this year.

I can empathize with wanting to trade Engram though, since he’s seemingly so injury prone I don’t even draft him, and I love Gesicki, but Engram’s perceived value is significantly higher than Gesicki’s at this point.

Hope this helps and don’t beat yourself up if Julio gets hurt and CD balls out. Julio has consistently been a top 5 WR for the last several seasons. This could easily work out in your favor. I just don’t know if I would’ve done it in your shoes. Your team is stacked anyway so it probably won’t matter.

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Thanks @fun4willis :muscle:

It was hard to move CeeDee, but I feel pretty good about it overall!

I appreciate your feedback, @keith_ferguson! Yeah, I did a lot of research and asked several people to try to value these guys appropriately. Even the Ballers Buy or Sell intro a month or two back with the discussion topic “Is Julio still a top 10 WR for dynasty?” made me think that Julio is actually still more valuable of a dynasty asset than CeeDee, EVEN THOUGH he does not obviously have the long-term value.

I felt like I was cashing in some potential future chips for guaranteed (or as much of a guarantee as we can have in this crazy world of fantasy football) production right now. You’re right that it can go either way, and there is a world where this backfires tremendously!

I also had to take into account, if this season doesn’t happen, then this is probably even more of a loss for me as Julio loses one more year of his prime. I put a lot of chips in the middle of the table with this deal, but, hey, they don’t call me @TheFantasyDesperado for nothing… :cowboy_hat_face:

Thanks for the thoughtful feedback, brother! I definitely appreciate it.

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You’re very welcome and good luck to you this season!

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Thanks, bro. You too! @keith_ferguson