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Trade Grade: give Clement/Crowell/1st round 2019 rookie pick for Kupp/Penny/Cohen


Hello Footclan,

This is my 4th year playing fantasy, and first year playing dynasty. My first startup draft went really well, at least for my starting lineup, but I realized I needed some depth in the short term. Another owner is very light on RB with D. Freeman out as his RB 1. Below is a capture of the complete rosters, pre-trade.

I will add a second post as a response that kinda goes over my thinking, as I would very much like to know where you all land on this trade, and what you think of my reasoning.


My feelings on my roster pre-trade was that my starting core was strong with hopkins/hill/landry and CMC/R. Freeman/Crowell. However I am thin past that. I invested a little too heavy in QB and TE lottery tickets in the draft process, and my RB and WR rookie fliers are not panning out (yet?).

I think Crowell is reaching his ceiling in these last couple weeks and clement has some value with Ajayi being on the busted side of the spectrum. I essentially see cohen/penny for Clement/Crowell as a lateral move (with potential for a higher ceiling, but lower floor) and Kupp for the rookie pick is hard to determine comparable values but I feel like I needed the depth.

What say ye?