Trade Grade: How Did I Do?

Traded Amari Cooper and Emmanuel Sanders for Lamar Jackson and Allen Robinson. Good move?

Rest of my team:
QB: Heineke (had been streaming)
RB: Cook, Najee, Javonte, Mattison
WR: Kupp, Antonio Brown, Devonte Smith, Michael Thomas
TE: Waller

Helped your team it looks like.

Basically a two for one

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The guys team is a mess outside of Mahomes, Lamar, and D.K. so I didn’t have much else I could ask for. He also wouldn’t take just one of my WR for Lamar though so I had to sweeten it up somehow. Figured I would bet on Robinson coming back into his normal self at some point in the season.

Man I think Sanders is going to just keep being a part of that high powered offense in Buffalo. Good trade on cooper and Lamar should help your squad quite a bit!

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I was trying to get him to take Smith instead, but wouldn’t do it. I agree with you and think Sanders is going to keep putting up production, but can’t see the 2 TD games continuing to come. I view Brown and Sanders pretty similarly so I didn’t feel too bad letting one of them go. I’m hoping that either A Rob or Thomas end up looking like their old selves in the second half of the season. If one of them can put up WR1 numbers then I feel like I have a pretty solid championship contender with this squad!

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