Trade grade Josh gordon

Traded Josh Gordon and Sony michel for mike evans and justin jackson. Ppr. Thoughts? Already have godwin. Looking for breakout and trade on evans this week.

you already made the trade?

Sure did. Hate guessing which patriot will go off

If this is PPR then I think you gave a little too much with dropping Michel and Gordon, but all it takes is one injury and it works out. I doubt anybody will give you a fair deal for Evans until he performs for a couple of weeks.

Not sure I like this. Stacking Godwin and Evans is not really a great idea seeing as Jamies has yet to show he can put on a shootout performance. And Jackson hasn’t been a real beneficiary in Gordon’s absence

Was mostly looking to just get evans before the breakout. Already have Chubb, Carson, Ingram, and Montgomery for running backs so wasnt really using Sony. Plus gordon is one joint away from the comishoners list

Hate guessing which patriot will go off

THIS is the reason to do the trade.

The are brighter days ahead for Mike Evans as Godwin has proven himself and more extensive, higher quality coverage will swing over to Godwin’s side of the field.

And when (not if) Ekeler has to miss snaps due to injury, Justin Jackson will prove to be more fantasy relevant than he already is.

In other words, going forward, Evans and Jackson should offer greater consistency, higher floors, and even comparable ceilings to the two unpredictable Pats you just dumped.

Well played, I say.