Trade Grade


#1 pick this years draft

Trading away:
Antonio Brown
Forte (he has (BLAH PLOW)

Figured I can get Johnson with #1 and my other RB’s are Slippery Fish, and WR is OBJ.


I’d give it a C


Dynasty I’d like it but redraft or keeper I’d rather have Brown. If this frees up your #1 pick to get Johnson I do like it.

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I think it’s a pretty good trade if you’re in a redraft/keeper. Essentially you’re trading away Brown for Johnson (I’m assuming 1 pick means the #1 pick) and then Forte and AP for Cooper, which I would do in a heartbeat. I would give it a solid B.


thanks man!

To be able to get Johnson is a goldmine so A+, be weary of Cooper because a 2 year trend of disappoint is nothing to shy away from. Look for the possibility of a good trade with him after he has a good game because that will happen at least once.

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I give it a B.

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